Dear Trainee,

welcome to this exciting study commissioned by Health Education England (HEE), supported by Training Programme Directors across the UK and run by James Paget University Hospital.


We know that the European Working time Directive (EWTR) and shift working patterns continue to pose a major challenge to you, as a trainee achieving your ISCP learning objectives.

In order to improve the delivery of the ISCP curriculum and ensure comprehensive coverage of all associated learning outcomes for emergency general surgery for ST2, 3 and 4 trainees in the UK, we are offering a flexible online programme to augment the National Training Programme.  Following a successful first pilot, this free 20-week online e-learning programme, with study breaks, provides 24/7 access to a ground-breaking interactive learning resource. 


  • The programme is designed to integrate with the busy professional life of specialist surgical trainees. 
  • Trainees taking part will have flexible access to educational resources at times that best suits them.
  • The course is free
  • Provides a direct link to the trainee’s peer-group and tutors across the UK.
  • Offers formal evidence of meeting the requirements of the Generic Professional Capabilities (GPC) Framework.
  • Provides a convenient and effective route to evidence and achieve “sign off” in selected emergency surgery topics in the 2016 Intermediate General Surgery Curriculum
  • The learning approach develops critical skills and promotes decision-making while encompassing the latest evidence and guidelines. 
  • Interactive video-based training on emergency operative procedures.
  • All learning is centred around realistic case scenarios that you will encounter in emergency surgery when on call.
  • Participation in a validated and award-winning programme*
  • The first pilot received very positive feedback from trainees who took part; similarly, we are certain that the majority of 2019 trainees will find this a valuable educational experience.

Course Format

Topics will be delivered in an engaging Problem Based Learning (PBL) format on a weekly basis over 20 weeks, organised into three blocks with breaks in between.  The estimated time commitment with the discussion forums, facilitated by expert surgical e-tutors, will be 3-4 hours per week.

Trainees will undertake a variety of engaging and relevant learning tasks, include Script Concordance Tests (SCT), a powerful tool for improving skills in clinical reasoning and decision-making.  Overall understanding of each topic will be consolidated through submission of a personal management plan for each PBL case and rounded-off with an expert opinion, from senior surgeons, on the management of the cases discussed.

Students will undertake a pre- and post-course Script Concordance Test to assess the impact of the learning programme on their clinical decision-making skills. Quality assurance and course evaluation, including student feedback, will be undertaken by HEE.

We very much look forward to you joining us online - Registration is now open, click here!

Best wishes from the faculty

Mr Raaj Praseedom                                        Prof Jerome Pereira

Course Director                                                 Course Director
Consultant Hepatobiliary Surgeon                    Consultant General and Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
Addenbrookes Hospital                                    James Paget University Hospital

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